Months of careful planning, tedious seating charts, floral arrangements, table settings, cake tasting, dress shopping, and pinning on Pinterest are coming to a close.  You've done it! You have designed your dream wedding. 

After you say your "I Do's" it's time for some fun. The wedding reception is time for you, your spouse, and your family and friends to let loose and celebrate. Delicious food, catchy music & great company will carry you in to this next chapter of your life. You've thought of everything to make this night perfect...

...Or have you?

Have you thought about the one thing many people take for granted? Lighting.

We don't blame you. It's easy to assume that the lighting in the room will be enough. After all, as long as people can see where they are walking you'll be happy right?

The problem is that relying on the dusty old reception hall lighting or basic dance-floor lights from the DJ to brighten up the room doesn't do your wedding justice. Not putting some thought in to your event's accent lighting is a mistake that can cause the rest of your event to look dingy, drab, and hastily planned.

But don't worry, there is still time. These three simple ideas can transform your night from the average wedding into a dream event that your family and friends will remember for years to come. It might even make your friends a little jealous. 

1. Uplighting

Uplighting is one of the easiest ways to add a splash of color, elegance, or ambiance to any space. Whether you use a couple lights to highlight the dance floor, shine some lighting strategically at the trees surrounding your outdoor venue, or you go all out and light the entire perimeter of your reception room, uplighting will turn any basic venue in to a space worth remembering.


2. Pinspot Lighting

Pinspot lighting, hung from above, casts a focused beam of light down from the ceiling that highlights the subject below. You have spent all this time and money planning the perfect centerpieces and wedding cake, so don't leave them to be forgotten in the darkness. Make them pop with some pinspot lighting!


3. Festoon Lighting

Whether your reception is indoor or outdoor, festoon lights (commonly & lovingly referred to by many names such as globe/dome lights, twinkle lights, lighting strands, patio lights, etc.) can turn your venue in to an elegant space reminiscent of an Italian villa. Hang these from tree to tree, in the roof of a tent, or in the ceiling over the dance floor, and these lights will add tremendous class, elegance, and intimacy to your reception venue with ease.


Add one of these design elements, or a combination of any of the three, and you won't regret it. Not only will they provide an extra touch of design and elegance to your reception, but they are surprisingly easy to execute with our team right in your back yard and here to help.

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